Holly Rowe's Been In The Interview-Muscle Racket For Years

We brought you video last week of Holly Rowe giving the Worldwide Leader's Elbow to an as-yet-unidentified reporter after the Sugar Bowl. It's no secret Rowe can be aggressive in protecting her employer's interests (ESPN uses its own monetary muscle to shut out other media outlets from the best post-game interviews) and that's just one of the qualities that's made her such an important asset to the company. Plus, she does sideline reports about pickles.


That aside she's still the business end of a corporate snubnose—something evident in this video from a tipster who urged us:

Holly Rowe is one of television's greatest monsters and must be stopped.

This is the postgame of the 2003 Motor City Bowl in Detroit, in which Bowling Green beat Northwestern 28-24. That's BGSU quarterback Josh Harris answering questions before Holly "sorryguysthisislive" Rowe butts in. At least she apologizes, sort of.

Holly Rowe is one of ESPN's best sideline reporters, someone who actually provides the audience with insight and useful information. She also represents her employer's corporate interests in a manner that is brutish at times. Is it okay to be a bulldog on the sidelines, or should we pray for Rowe to show her colleagues a little more love?