If you're watching the New Mexico State-Saint Louis game, surely you've noticed Sim Bhullar, the Aggies' man-mountain of a center. He's listed at 7'5", 360 pounds. That's five pounds more than the combined weight of St. Louis's starting backcourt this afternoon. He's a big boy.

Born in Toronto to two Indian immigrants, the 20-year-old freshman initially committed to Xavier, but backed out when he didn't qualify academically. Averaging 10 points and 6.5 rebounds for New Mexico State this year (in just 24 mpg, but his totals increased as the season went on, indicating that his conditioning is improving), Bhullar could become the first impactful basketball player of Indian descent. He could also wash out, like other behemoths when they run into top-level competition.


Setting future and ethnicity and deeper meaning aside, he's big. Very big. Here are some photos of Bhullar being big.