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Holy Shit, Tavon Austin Is Finally Doing Cool Things

Remember when we were all excited to see what rookie speedster Tavon Austin could do this year? Well, after spending nine games being a ghost, Tavon Austin is finally doing Tavon Austin things.


That little dance he's doing at the top of the page was how Austin celebrated returning a 98-yard punt for a touchdown in the second quarter of today's game against the Colts. It was a ludicrous return, not because Austin zigged and zagged his way into the endzone, but because he got there with pure speed.

After letting the punt bounce, Austin got his hands on the ball at his own two-yard line, jammed right up against the sideline. It looked like he had absolutely nowhere to go, and then Austin simply turned on the jets and ran up the sideline. He made the whole thing look way too easy.

A few minutes later, Austin killed the Colts with his speed again. After streaking right past Vontae Davis, he reeled in a long pass from Kellen Clemens for a 58-yard touchdown. Davis was a good five yards behind Austin, and the whole thing once again looked way too easy.

And then, on the Rams' first drive of the second half, Austin caught a simple drag route at his own 25, turned up field, and housed an 81-yard touchdown reception. Poor Vontae Davis once again found himself lost in the smoke of Austin's afterburners, and safety Antoine Bethea looked like he was in quicksand as he watched his tackling angle disappear in a matter of seconds.

Austin's only touched the ball six times today, and yet he's responsible for 21 of St. Louis' 35 points. This is exactly why we get so excited about guys with Austin's skill set, and exactly why we were once so excited to see him in the NFL.

Here's Austin's day, in six seconds: