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Holy Shit, That Election Was Marginally Less Depressing Than Expected

When you have to eat the ham sandwich you made with your persistently odious conduct.
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If I may take you Inside The Game for a moment: the Deadcast was in Tennessee this week, for an intimate and robustly seasoned and extremely fun live recording at Headquarters Beercade in downtown Nashville on Monday. The plan was to put that podcast online and on this website today, and we are indeed sticking to that—it’s already live on the various hosting sites and will be on the website in relatively short order. But, as politics heads and “news junkies” will have already noticed, there was a comparatively important national election on Tuesday. None of this came up or was even really an afterthought in Monday’s live recording—this was, Drew and I agreed afterwards, one of the most fulfilling aspects of the thing—but it still happened. And so, in the spirit of civic engagement and podcasting best practices, we recorded a little EMERGENCY MINI-DEADCAST about all that.

Just on a personal level, it was a thrill to finally slide down the fireman’s pole that connects my private chambers to the secret Emergency Podcast Studio. That said, it was also nice to leave.


Of course we very well could have kept talking about all this—shitty forecasting, shitty politicians, various ironic points of light and unironic legislative nightmare creatures—for thirty or forty or eighty minutes. That is not just because, leaving aside the usual Shitworld hiccups and various dishearteningly foreseeable moments of cynicism and blaring bigotry winning out, Tuesday’s results mostly reflected a deeply troubled society steering away from oncoming traffic/fascism. That helped, of course, but at some point you just have to stop thinking about this shit. I can attest that going to Nashville and drinking various Yazoo beers and eating well is one effective way to do that. Talking it all out at a modest length and then getting back to your regularly scheduled goofery is an easier one. So we just went with that.

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