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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Holy Shit, The Marlins And Braves Cannot Stop Striking Each Other Out

Illustration for article titled Holy Shit, The Marlins And Braves Cannot Stop Striking Each Other Out

Remember last night, when the Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins combined to strike out 28 times, a thing that had never before occurred in the modern era? Well, those crazy free-swingers went and did the exact same thing today, and they didn't even need a full nine innings to do it this time.


The Braves went down swinging 12 times in today's 3-1 victory. The Marlins did most of the heavy lifting, getting punched out 16 times. Aaron Harang started for the Braves and mowed down 11 Marlins in six innings—if you didn't know that Aaron Harang is good again, now you do—and then it was time for the bullpen to take over. Jordan Walden struck out the side in the seventh, and then Craig Kimbrel shut the door with two strikeouts in the ninth.

Marlins starter Nate Eovaldi only tallied seven strikeouts in six innings because he is obviously a terrible slacker, but the bullpen came on to combine for five strikeouts in the last two innings. Lucky for the Braves that they were the home team, as they didn't get the chance to take any more swings and misses in the bottom of the ninth.


If you're keeping score at home, 56 of the last 105 outs that have been recorded by the Braves and Marlins have come by way of the strikeout. The batters from these teams have seen 528 pitches over the course of the last two games, and they have swung and missed at 110 of them, per Pitch f/x. This seems like a lot. They might want to consider, like, not swinging at so many pitches in the future.

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