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On the list of strange potential tourist attractions, we have to say, the upcoming Fantasy Football Hall of Fame has to be pretty high up there. Football Outsiders has the story of the new venture, which will be based in Pennsauken, N.J. (and we have to say, New Jersey seems like just the place, doesn't it?).

OK, fine, so the story isn't real, and there isn't really a fantasy football hall of fame being erected, but jeez, wouldn't it be nice? FO is even sweet enough to come up with an inaugural class. The specifications are clear: Inductees had to have played five years in the NFL, they must have had a real impact on fantasy football and they must have no possible opportunity to sneak in the real Hall of Fame.


The first class includes Randall Cunningham (the very definition of a first-ballot fantasy football Hall of Famer), Natrone Means, Chris Warren, Ben Coates and, our personal favorite, Christian Okoye (pictured, inexplicably above, with President Bush). Our personal ballot would have to include Barry Foster and Moe Williams, but that's us.

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