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Hook 'em, Danno: Texas Baseball Coach Charged With DWI, Suspended

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It's a damn shame that this will be the first time many people hear the name of Augie Garrido. Garrido has won more games than anyone (1,629) and five national championships, but took a big one in the loss column this morning when he was pulled over for DWI. The stop happened around 1 am when one of Austin's Finest became suspicious of Garrido's driving. Garrido failed the sobriety test issued on the scene.

Austin Police Department spokesman James Mason confirmed Garrido’s arrest and charge and the University of Texas handed Garrido an indefinite suspension with pay.

“Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido has been placed on indefinite suspension following his arrest earlier today for alleged driving while intoxicated,” Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds said in a press release.

“The suspension, with pay, is pending until further information can be gathered. This is a difficult and regrettable situation that we are taking very seriously. I spoke with Coach Garrido and he’s devastated and realizes he made a serious mistake.

BIG mistake, Augie. You didn't cross your arms while you held the steering wheel to reduce swerving? You didn't suck on pennies in your change bin to throw off the breathalyzer reading? Huge mistake, Augie. At least you were awake when you were pulled over. That puts you one up on Tony LaRussa already.

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