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Hooray! It's Wonderlic Scores Time!

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Gather around, everyone! Time to be awed and amused by the basic problem solving abilities of future NFL stars. Spoiler alert: the wide receiver class struggled.

First, the nerds (remember, 50 is a perfect score, and 20 is supposed to indicate average intelligence): Georgia's Matt Stafford scored a 38, which is very high. A little too high, if you ask me. Someone test him for Ritalin. USC's Mark Sanchez and Kansas State's Josh Freeman scored a solid 28 and 27, respectively. Kevin Barnes, the Maryland cornerback, scored an outstanding 41. No one likes a showoff, Kevin. Unfortunately, as Fan IQ points out, we were denied the results of Florida State Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle, who selfishly passed on the NFL this year to go to Oxford.

Now, the jocks: as alluded to above, many of the top wideouts didn't do so well. Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree got a 15, Percy Harvin of Florida scored a 12, and North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks managed only an 11. A score of ten is supposed to indicate literacy. Vince Young, you may recall, allegedly scored a 6.


Fan IQ has a larger list of the test results, so you can check to see how your favourite alumni fared. Of course, these scores are largely meaningless, and not a reliable indicator of future NFL success. But they are chock full of sweet, sweet schadenfreude. And for us less athletically gifted, that's worth its weight in gold.

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