Hoosiers Call It A Season: "We're Indiana. We Don't Play In The CBI."

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Despite a handful of good wins, Indiana's garbage non-conference schedule and first-round Big Ten tourney loss made them an NIT bubble team. The NIT said thanks-but-no-thanks to one of the country's storied programs, so the Hoosiers are packing it up.

Though Tom Crean said last night that "we would have loved to be able to keep playing," and presumably another couple weeks of games and practices could help an underwhelming team get better, Indiana declined an invitation to the CBI tournament. While teams in the CBI have to pay to participate, AD Fred Glass said money wasn't the issue:

"Finances wouldn't be an issue if we thought it made sense," Glass told The Star. "But we're Indiana. We don't play in the CBI."


Burn! (And double burn to the CIT, which doesn't merit a mention even to be shit upon.)

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