Just a few moments ago, the ballgirl at the Phillies/Blue Jays game got shouted-out for eluding a Jimmy Rollins bouncer. Here's the announcer exchange:

"Ball girl probably did the right thing to get out of the way of that one."

"Yeah, I agree."

[10 second pause, 9 of which were spent watching her walk up the sideline in full Hooters regalia]

"And she, uh, did an even better thing waiting for it to stop, picking it up, and giving it to a fan."

"Like a knuckleball, the way Bob Uecker used to describe it. Pick it up when it stops rolling, that's how you catch it."


Good recovery.

UPDATE: Several tipsters, for whatever reason, have pointed out that the Hooters girls are there often, if not every game. Only one took the time to include video. So, here's to you, random mlb, standing out from the crowd.