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Hooters Sponsors Youth Aussie Rules Football Team, Outrage Is Palpable

A Melbourne, Australia Hooters has been criticized by various wet blankets for sponsoring an under-16 Australian Rules Football team, the Broadbeach Cats. As per usual, there are adults trying to ruin all the fun.

On a morning television show — or "very late television show" since it's in Australia — pro-women advocate Melinda Tankard Reist said:

The message these boys are getting — and bear in mind we're talking 15 and 16-year-old boys — is that ... as a young footballer you have an entitlement to large-breasted women in skimpy outfits bouncing around at your games.


Morney Schledusch, owner of the Hooters and sure-fire NOTY candidate said that all the criticism was "ridiculous" because "[the Hooters waitresses] don't all have big boobs."

Can't argue with that logic, case dismissed.

There's so much to like with this story. There's the teens being corrupted by vivacious older women angle, better known as the "Nicole-Kidman-In-To-Die-For Factor," and the whole "athletes are too entitled" kerfuffle America knows so well and loves, and finally that the above is happening in a popular sport that most of us are unfamiliar with — the above headline had "rugby" in it for a while.

Team berated for Hooters sponsorship deal [Reuters]

Photo via Brisbane Times. H/T TimCouchFanatic.


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