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Hopefully The Wilpons Have Extra Chairs

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Mets fans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. The team is playing like balls. They're gonna do something about it ... bug the executives!


On an message board, fans are trying to organize a "peaceful rally" at the home of Mets COO Jeffrey Wilpon and his wife. This will ultimately prove ... something. I think it's, "get an unlisted number, you cads!"

Hey, it's not lookin' good for the team. The Mets are 10½ games behind the Phillies and 7½ away from a potential wild card berth. Their payroll is second highest in baseball, behind those other guys in New York. Also not helping the Mets' cause is a crammed disabled list, featuring Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado, Billy Wagner, John Maine, Fernando Nieve, J.J. Putz, Keith Hernandez, Jerry Koosman, Ed Kranepool, Mr. Met, and this guy. Maybe instead of a rally, these fans should be looking into whether or not there are tins of Agent Orange that keep going off in the clubhouse.

And then there's this. message board guidelines say that "the posting of e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers of others is prohibited." It's certainly a gray area, since the address and phone numbers are links that anybody could find on the Internet.

Still, this demonstration has "bad idea jeans" written all over it. But who knows, perhaps the rally will be nothing more than a fun time had by all, where friendships are made and stories are told. Unless Luis Castillo forgets to bring the s'mores.

Mets rally at Wilpon residence? Sign up here! [MLB Forums]