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Hopefully They Don't Change Logos Sometime Before, Oh, Eternity

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From the great sports fan behavior chroniclers at Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer comes the tale of James Henry Smith. He is — or, was, rather — "one of the biggest Steelers fans in the universe," say his friends. As if to prove it, he was buried in his recliner, all decked up in his Steelers garb. How decked up?

His feet are crossed, his pack of cigarettes and a beer by his side. Steelers highlights are playing on a high-definition TV screen nearby. With the TV remote in his hand, leaning back in his recliner, a Steelers blanket across his legs, it's like a game-day Sunday.


Highlight of this story: The beleaguered funeral director who had to put this all together. "I didn't know if I'd be ready to meet this request." Fortunately, the family made the request a week before Smith died. Which helps.

A Fan's Farewell [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette] (via Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer)

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