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With mere hours to go until the end of the first round of the Hot Blogger Bracket (presented by the Ladies...) that took the sports-blog universe by storm this week (and shot their Ballhype ranking into the Top 5). There have been mass email campaigns, "going negative" on opponents and far too many blog posts about it to count.

I asked The Starter Wife to project some of the "too-close-to-call" voting duels that will come down to the wire. (Any influence you would like to influence, individually or as a group, is strictly up to you.) Remember: Much like March Madness, your office pool could hinge on first-round results! (What? You mean you didn't have an office pool about this?)


NL West Region: 6-seed Red Sox Stats Guy in a virtual TIE with 17-seed Kevin of With Leather.

Mid-Atlantic Region: 12-seed Signal To Noise leads 11-seed Satchmo of Manning Family Reunion by two dozen.

AFC North Region: 8-seed Jack Cobra has a slim 30-vote lead over 15-seed Shane from Wade Blogs.

Campbell Conference: 16-seed Troy Nunes from an Absolute Magician leads 7-seed J-Red from East Coast Bias by a mere couple dozen votes.


Democracy in action, and "hot-blogger" status on the line.
— D.S.

Hot Blogger Bracket [Ladies...]

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