Any day/hour/minute now we'll find out just how long Alex Rodriguez and his smaller-antlered ilk will be on Bud Selig's wall. While we wait, we've assembled a group of sports law experts to mount a defense of A-Rod, explain the potential outcomes based on the various modes of punishment available, and answer any other questions you might have.

Jeffery B. Fannell is former assistant general counsel for the Major League Baseball Players' Association and current deputy director for St. John's LL.M. program. Wendy Thurm is a former attorney and writer for Sports on Earth and FanGraphs among others. You may know Gabe Feldman as the @SportsLawGuy and director of Tulane's sports law program. They are all here to guide you through the bullshit. Fire away.

Update 3:58 p.m.: That's it folks, our experts had to hit the road. Our thanks to them for answering and thanks to you for asking.