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How 'Bout That Darrell Armstrong?!

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We've always wondered what would happen if we ended up a semi-prominent public figure in, say, Chicago, or Iowa City, Iowa. As lifelong Cardinals and Illini boosters, it would be impossible for us to hide our loyalties; we couldn't pretend to root for the Cubs or the Hawkeyes even if our livelihood depended on it. It's like New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg being a closet Red Sox fan, except, of course, we're not a weak-spined ninnie. (Well, not as much, anyway.)

Therefore, we totally understood yesterday when longtime Redskins fan Darrell Armstrong, currently moonlighting as a point guard for the Dallas Mavericks, took the house mike before their win over Minnesota and bellowed "And how about those Redskins?" to a stunned Dallas crowd. He was later fined $1,000 by lispy coach Avery Johnson, but, honestly, it had to have been totally worth it. We would have done the same thing.


Mavs' Armstrong Fined For Redskins Taunt [Dallas Morning News]

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