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How Drunk Football Fans Used To Get Their World Series Fix

Yeah, we're a pretty spoiled bunch these days. Smartphones and tablet computers allow us to catch real-time video wherever we are. It wasn't so easy back in 1986. If life, the universe, and everything decided that two of your favorite teams just had to play on the same night, you had some big decisions to make. And if that involved keeping tabs on the Mets during Game 7 of the 1986 World Series while you were at the Meadowlands for Monday Night Football with the Giants, sucks to be you, pal.

But wait! For one man, this was not some impossible dream. For Drunk TV-Rigging Fan, it was a simple three-step process to glory. First, haul your portable television however many miles from your home to your seat inside Giants Stadium. Next – and this is the critical part – affix the hell out of that TV to the steel railing with about 100 yards of packing tape. Third, consume copious amounts of alcohol. From there, it's just sit back, enjoy the game(s), and wait for NJN Public Television to come find you.


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