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In case you were wondering what former Philadelphia Eagles shitball Freddie Mitchell is up to ... he's out taunting fans at UCLA games from the stands! Hey, sure beats playing; we understand, Freddie.

A reader's report from the Golden Dome this weekend:

I went to the Notre Dame-UCLA game this past weekend and who was sitting three rows in front of me .... Freddie Mitchell. Now, you may have been wondering what the center of Super Bowl Media Day but two years ago would be doing at a college game one day before NFL action ... well, this. He is a bum and is out of the league.

Well, I first spotted him about 5 minutes into the game and pointed him out. Other people spotted him as well and random "4th and 26" and Freddie yells happened for the first quarter. All fine and dandy and very accepting. The thing that got on everyone's nerves was the preening and standing that happened as UCLA started to take over the game. It started with overenthusiastic clapping and got worse. He was doing full 360s with a big smile on his face and making sure he was noticed. "I'm Freddie Mitchell and I'm here."

By the 3rd quarter, this a-hole was pointing at UCLA fans in other sections and gloating over 4 yard runs. How the mighty have fallen. There is one thing about ND crowds ... they are remarkably docile. Old alums with only a few beats to go make up the crowd, and it's hard to get much of a rise out of these people. But by the 4th quarter, even the 70 year old guy was seething at FredEx.

Well ... ND came back and won. And Freddie bolted ... I mean bolted ... after all his antics. The best line I heard as he left: "We knew FredEx didn't deliver on Sundays anymore...but I guess not Saturdays either."

For the record, as he was leaving the stadium before the rest of the fans, Mitchell still couldn't get open.


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