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Roger Goodell is back in full Ginger Hammer mode this preseason, suspending Ezekiel Elliott for six games and inciting a war with the NFLPA and the Cowboys that’s only going to get uglier. Now, you already know that the NFL is a veritable slot machine when it comes to doling out punishment for players who have incurred Goodell’s wrath. And that led one listener to wonder: what if a big-name player did a Nazi salute on the field? Would he be run out of the league entirely? Or would he be subject to a more ambivalent form of discipline? That, my non-Nazi friends, is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

But there’s more! The mentally grueling Laura Wagner joins us to talk about THE FUTURE OF KONTENT, plus we talk about soccer (briefly, I swear) and then answer YOUR questions about network B-roll, diseases, group dinners, and more. DIG IN.

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