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The fall semester was not kind to the NAIA Purdue-Calumet Peregrines. When grades came in, over half the team was declared academically ineligible, and the Peregrines canceled the rest of their season. Sixteen games will not be played, and there will also be no postseason tournament.

Eight of their fourteen players could not meet NCAA academic standards. Where'd they find these kids? Does Purdue-Calumet recruit exclusively at Kid Rock concerts?

The entire coaching staff also resigned, which seems like the honorable thing to do. There isn't much else a coach could do that would so clearly indicate that he is a failure at his job. Purdue-Calumet was 8-5, which is pretty good ... but you'd think that if a school was going to go so far as to recruit exclusively numbnuts jocks who can barely read, that they'd at least be 11-2.

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