From night to night, odds are Clyde Frazier is best thing going during any given Knicks telecast. Swoopin and hoopin may as well run on every graphics package. But is there a method to how Clyde dishes out the Clydeisms? Yes, actually.

Chi Nwogu over at Bloomberg Sports watched every single Knicks game this season (poor bastard), and came away with a massive spreadsheet full of Clydeisms. The takeaways? The third quarters of losses get the fewest uses, and second quarters of wins get the most (wins overall get 12.47 to 11.79 in losses); Clyde uses them less often at the Garden than for away games; and he uses "stumbling and bumbling" way less than I thought he did.

Here's the breakdown of the most used phrases:


It's a shame Nwogu didn't keep track of whom each was used on the most, but I think we all know Bargs took home the most stumbles and bumbles.