Part of our job is to bring you the best links we can from around the Web, highlighting all the talented people doing amazing things simply because they love it. But the site we think might be the best, and the one we read more religiously than any other, is Viva El Birdos. We don't link it that often, because after last October, we're pretty certain you've had just about Cardinals talk around these parts. (Honestly, though, deep down, we really want to do a post on the Cardinals every day.) But we read every post over there, immediately.

One of our favorites ones ever, we had to point out today. The site's editor, the esteemed Larry Borowsky, was called for jury duty and underwent that whole voir dire business. And his site, the Cardinals and Mark Mcgwire came up. First, from the prosecuting attorney:

He asked me what type of writing i do, and i gave him a quick description of my client base and said, "that's most of it" or something like that. "most of it," he says; "what's the rest of it?" "i also write a blog."

Q: a blog? [raised eyebrow] about what?
A: the st louis cardinals baseball team.
Q: oh. [pause] how do you feel about mark mcgwire being kept out of the hall of fame?
A: well, i'm not all that interested in the hall. but i do think he cheated with steroids.


At this point, the defense attorney took over.

Q: mr borowsky, how you can you be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that mcgwire used steroids?
A: i'm not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt.
Q: but you said that you think he cheated with steroids.
A: that's right —- i do think he cheated. but mcgwire's not on trial, so the beyond-a-reasonable-doubt standard doesn't really apply.
Q: i see. so if you were judging him in a court of law, you'd apply a more rigorous standard of proof before you'd convict him —- is that correct?
A: yes sir.


This is what happens when you answer honestly: You get stuck on the jury. See you next week, Larry.

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