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If you're going to cheat in class to help a college athlete, it's probably a wise idea to at least pretend to try to hide it. Use a fake email account, wear a fake mustache, something. Cover your tracks a little, you know?


Apparently, the Purdue women's basketball team was having tutors write their papers for them — they ended up going on probation for it — and they weren't particularly clandestine. Witness these email exchanges:

10/26/05, 4:45 PM Merriweather to George: Here are some thoughts that should help. Make sure you read it and add your own info from class notes or any textbooks you use. All of my info is from the internet and what I remember...

10/26/05, 10:16 PM Merriweather to George: Throw away the other one. This one is better and more organized....

11/29/05, 2:43 AM Merriweather to George: Hey, you still have to do the title page and the reference page. I have attached everything you need to do those (two) things. Make sure you reread the paper and make it sound like you.

"Make it sound like you." By that, they meant, "Make it sound like Marques Slocum."


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