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Sports. Music. Blog. tells the story of Matt Harrington, a minor-league baseball player whose holdout skills put Terrell Owens to shame. Here's a quick history of Harrington's uncanny ability to turn down money and baseball fame at every possible turn.

Year: 2000
Draft Pick: Seventh pick, first round, Colorado Rockies.
Amount Offered: $4 million.

Year: 2001
Draft Pick: 58th pick, second round, San Diego Padres.
Amount Offered: $1.2 million.

Year: 2002
Draft Pick: 13th round, Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
Amount Offered: Not known.

Year: 2003
Draft Pick: 24th round, Cincinnati Reds.
Amount Offered: Not known.

Year: 2004
Draft Pick: 36th round, New York Yankees.
Amount Offered: No offer.

In 2005, he wasn't drafted. In the offseason last year, he was working at Target. And no: Drew Rosenhaus was not his agent.


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