Toronto mayor Rob Ford, who admitted earlier today that he smokes crack cocaine, just wrapped up a press conference at which he said some stuff about his political future. But we couldn't help but notice the garish novelty tie he was wearing, which has NFL team logos all over it. Now look more closely. Those are not current NFL logos, or anything close to current NFL logos.


The Houston Oilers are on that thing. Same with the Broncos' giant orange 'D.' Buccaneer Bruce is there, too. That combination puts us at least as far back as Bill Clinton's first term. But Sean Gentille of the Sporting News narrowed it down even further. The giveaway? That the Eagles' logo is the one they last used in 1995, along with the presence of the Panthers and the Jaguars, who entered the league that same year. That pretty much means the tie dates as far back as '95.

So that settles it: Rob Ford was wearing the bedroom curtains of every mid-1990s American boy.

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