How To Brainwash Your Baby Early

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From the folks at Thrillist comes a truly mortifying discovery: Team Baby Entertainment, DVDs designed to brainwash your otherwise sensible and emotionally curious child into a life of violent confrontion, xenophobic geographic loyalties and face-painting.

Here's the more innocent way the retailers put it:

Team Baby Entertainment titles allows parents, grandparents, alumni and friends to share their love, loyalty and passion for their university with their children. Our videos provide an informative, entertaining and educational way to introduce your child to the university and team you root for.

Each DVD is customized for a specific university and uses officially licensed footage of the university's team sports, mascot, marching band, campus attractions and more to expose children to the university in an exciting and playful manner.


It's the first in a series; the next version comes with special "Illegal Booster Seats."

By the way: Notre Dame fans are so scary. No offense, of course.

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