How To Guarantee A Quick Divorce

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When we heard that the "Mike and Mike In The Morning" ESPN radio show was doing some sort of wedding special, we thought, "Jeez, about time! Now we can finally answer the question: Which one is Jack, and which on is Ennis?"

Turns out, though, that actually the show is hosting a wedding, in late May, promising the "Ultimate Sports Wedding." Yes, you and your bride/groom/glutton-for-punishment can put in your applications by March 3 for a May 26 wedding. They're going to choose 16 finalists, which is impressive, because we can't believe even one couple would put themselves through this.

Just to repeat here: Your wedding officiants could be Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. That's the most disturbing thing we've heard all week, and we actually like those guys. You realize this means we're only a couple steps away from Stuart Scott asking you if you would boo-yah the bride.


Popping The Question ... [ESPN Radio] (via Gheorghe: The Blog)