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We've all thought it, particularly when watching games involving the Devil Rays, the Knicks or the Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals: We'd have to be able to do better than these idiots, right? During a Montreal Canadiens practice yesterday, one idiot acted on just that.

Apparently a guy named "Raphael" โ€” a Raphael in Montreal; go figure โ€” hopped on the Canadiens practice rink, swiped the puck and took a few shots at goalie Jose Theodore. Somehow, he was neither tackled and bladed by players nor arrest by cops, if just because they're in Canada and all on horses.

Our favorite part of the story:

"He couldn't beat me," Theodore said. "That's the main thing."

Yes. Take your victories where you might get them.

Wacko Crashes Canadiens Practice Session [Off Wing Opinion]