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It is just us, or is everyone pumping fantasy football a couple of weeks too early this year? Both Sports Illustrated and ESPN: The Magazine have already come out with their fantasy season previews β€” SI's included a cover photo of a guy who might not actually play for his team next year β€” even though we're still a week away from August. The season starts September 7; we don't know about you, but our drafts aren't for another month, at least.

Anyway, here's something to further convince you that Corporate America will suck the life out of anything: It's a book called Fantasy Kick, which attempts to persuade the reader that there is a direct correlation between office advancement and fantasy football. It tells you which officemates to invite in your league, how to interact them, which strings to pull, how to network, how you can ... ugh, this is killing us just to type this. Fantasy football not as way to escape the drudgery of the workday ... but as a way to get that promotion! Just don't forget to put the cover on the TPS reports.

Fantasy Kick [Official Site]