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How To Simulate Reggie Bush

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Apparently, the Texas Longhorns are having a difficult time finding someone to simulate Reggie Bush on the scout team during practices.

Fortunately, Every Day Should Be Saturday is there to help, suggesting three potential Reggie stand-ins for Longhorns coach Mack Brown. And they're the closest we could come up with too. Their suggestions are Nightcrawler from The X-Men, Bones Jackson, running back in Mutant League Football and, oddly, the ghost of Old Dirty Bastard. "Has a proven track record of being elusive in tight situations," they say.


We think Nightcrawler is our favorite, not just because he can apparate, but because, by being played by Alan Cumming, he comes with his own fragrance.

Scouting Bush: Three Suggested Bush Stand-Ins [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

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