When Eskin had gotten himself all excited, he exploded a question to Kapler and Phillies general manager Matt Klentak.

Howard Eskin - Gabe Kapler masturbation exchange

Yes, Howard Eskin asked if the Phillies considered not hiring Kapler as their manager because he once wrote a blog post saying coconut oil is good for jerking off. But Kapler has a good response that shows he might be able to survive as Phillies manager. Plus, it is heartwarming to see a man defend the #content he has created when called on it.


But I believe Klentak’s answer is best. Asked about his new manager’s blog where he gave masturbation tips, the general manager said that “there’s an element of risk and new behaviors and trying new things” and “boy, oh, boy, it’s gonna be fun” and “we are going to embrace a lot of his ideas.”

Did you hear that? All the Phillies are going to be masturbating with coconut oil next season. Pitchers and catchers report in 104 days!