Despite telling USA Today he didn't wish to be photographed, George Zimmerman trial spectator "Howie Felterbush" did get captured by the cameras of Jacksonville's First Coast News, alongside his wife "Cindy" (who also provided a quote to the news outlet).

That article, like the USA Today one, has since been deleted. (Grab a Google cache'd version here.) Here's the relevant text that appeared below this picture of the "Felterbushes."

Patricia Lawrence worried about the message the verdict would send. "I'm scared of my little grandsons and my sons to go to the store now because they may get shot."

But others expressed relief. "Justice was served," said Howie Felterbush, a George Zimmerman supporter visiting from Melbourne.

His wife Cindy agreed. "The jury had a difficult job, but no, you never know how these things are going to turn out."