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Browns head coach Hue Jackson was asked Monday about some especially harsh comments defensive coordinator Gregg Williams made about an injury suffered by rookie Denzel Ward, who suffered back spasms after successfully tackling Eagles tight end Zach Ertz in a preseason game. Jackson does not seem real happy about Williams blaming the injury on Ward’s “stupid” tackling (jump to about 1:45 in the video below).

“No, it’s not whatever Gregg—Gregg doesn’t get to do just what he wants to do. I mean, we’ll work through all of that. But our players, there’s a certain way we do want them to tackle, because of size, structure, and all that. We don’t want a guy to get hurt or anything like that. I mean I’m sure Gregg does advise, but we don’t need to do all that stuff in the media.”


Calling Ward “stupid” wasn’t the only stuff ol’ Gregg did in the media this week. He also said players who aren’t available due to injury are “working on [their] training room internships.” But wait, there’s more!

Browns coaches are just having a fantastic preseason.

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