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It’s now been six days since Hugh Freeze resigned as head football coach at Ole Miss after personal behavior that school officials described as “moral turpitude.” (Translation: at least one instance of calling an escort service from his university-issued cell phone, which was part of a larger “pattern of conduct that is not consistent with our expectations,” according to athletic director Ross Bjork. It would seem, then, that Freeze was paying—or trying to pay—for some sex.) Today, the former coach spoke for the first time since his resignation during a conversation with USA Today, in which he said very little at all and absolutely nothing particularly meaningful

On his top priority right now:

“God is good, even in difficult times. Wonderful wife and family, and that’s my priority.”


On whether his family is standing by him:

“Oh, gosh, yeah.”

On what his immediate schedule looks like:

“[My daughters] have volleyball and then I’ll watch them. I know I’m going to meet with my pastor tonight too.”

And finally—not a quote from Freeze, but some information on what he was wearing during this informative interview.

He wore a baseball cap, T-shirt and shorts while clearing brush at his home in an affluent subdivision near the lake where he is known to fish.



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