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Hugh II: Sexy Pilgrims!

OK, I can handle watching Miami. I can handle Pam Ward. But I can't fucking handle ESPN's team introductions by pilgrims! Really? Is that necessary? (Though Pilgrim Elaine was kinda hot.) — Yunibomber

I just watched a freshman girls basketball game. This is code for "today's college football games are pretty pointless." — goathair


Heads up. Pam Ward's got her dick out on ESPN. — wwkornheiserd

Callahan's severance package from Nebraska is this: Leave the state before we tar and feather you, your family and your family dog. — MrRedDevil4Ever

I'm not going to say that the sideline reporter at the BC-Miami game is gay, but he just tossed his Burberry scarf over his shoulder. — Chilltown

Gameday sign watch: "Chase Daniel Likes Cup Chicks" — Hot Carl Weathers

I'm pretty sure that every time an opponent scores against Virginia Tech, Frank Beamer's neck waddle inflates and turns redder. — Signal to Noise


I'm a Mizzou fan about to leave Columbia bound for Kansas City. I believe my drinking game will be a shot for every one of Mark Mangino's pounds. Needless to say, I probably will not make it to the stadium. — txtepper26

Howie Long's son goes to Virginia. Pretty shocking that the kid of a millionaire went to UVA. — elcorey99


Brady Quinn just did a commercial for Subway in which he said "Sundays, I'm kinda busy"... what a liar. — donkeyhotai

Incomplete passes, run heavy offenses, slow defense ... I thought the Big Ten was off this week! Wait ... state high school championships are on. Never mind. — The Victoria Times


My cat's name is Skeeter. He's in big trouble for pissing all over everything. — aaaaaaambition

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