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Hugh II: The Nedessey Continues... Part 1

We're reaching halftime in the early games and the instant messages are really starting to pile up, this means it's time for your first dose of the Hugh! Illinois and North Carolina are winning big over Wisconsin and and Miami respectively and everybody's a bit freaked out. Let's all just take a big deep breath while we wait patiently for LSU/Florida. Thanks to Awful Announcing for snagging the screen shot from ESPN's Gameday. Even LSU fans are gay for the Gainsville Superman!

I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet but the funniest sign (for shock value) was "Tebow (heart)'s Coach Urban Meyer". The only problem I, as a Gator fan, have with that sign is the C, U, and M were bigger than the other letters. Bastard LSU fans... -TattooedMess(iah)


That picture of the badger poon you got up for the bets o the week, has Donovan's girlfriend in it, far right blonde in the middle, this is not a joke, just a fact. -dbach, oregon, WI

My cousin Mose calls Eastern Michigan University "Garbage" because they play like garbage. But they're playing Michigan on the Big Ten Network, so they'll probably win. Thanks a million, Lloyd Carr. -goathair

17-0 Illinois, 27-0 UNC.... the best football on right now is Friday Night Lights on USA. Coach Taylor will make for one helluva coach at TMU. -USCKB

i am a wisconsin student who got a flat tire and got stranded in the middle of nowhere in illinois last night and now wisconsin is shitting the bed against the least im not a notre dame fan. -Nebagamon4Life


The shirt that Coach Zook is wearing is showing his man-nipples. That's going to replace Charlie Weiss mudwrestling in my nightmares. -Jame815

Badger fans, don't worry just yet. Ron Zook will arrive soon enough - I Heart Poop


I can't shake this disliking J Leman thing — not only for that painful "We put the Pain in Champaign" stuff, but because he just looks like someone who would own the customized "Pussy Wagon" truck out of Kill Bill and pump Winger full blast out of it. -Signal to Noise

Ron Zook is up to a 17-0 lead over Wisconsin and I'm just wondering how much money he slipped into Arrelious Benn's and Rashard Mendenhall's lockers prior to game time. -Signal to Noise (ed. note: Arrelious Benn's integrity is beyond reproach.)


I think the ranks of Illini faithful have been swelled by everyone jumping off the Cubs' bandwagon. -Zombie Jesus X

The commentators for K-State vs. Kansas were talking about how the strong winds might blow the players around today. One promptly deadpanned: it would take a hurricane to move Mark Mangino.-Chilltown


I would like to remind ESPN that LAST weekend with four Top 10 teams getting upset was more of a "Gut-Check Saturday" than this weekend could ever be. -Signal to Noise

Gut Check Saturday? Lame. ESPN must be punished. And is it even possible to have a gut check if you play in the Big 10? - Yunibomber


SU radio color guy and alumnus Chris Gedney: "Vincenzo Giruzzi should have made the tackle, but Pat White just outathleticised him." That's the power of an SU education — when you freely convert nouns to verbs. -bona1999

Boston College is up on Bowling Green 38-10, partially because Andre Callender has exploded for three touchdowns. And here I thought BC wide receiver Kevin Challenger was the explosive one. — Suss

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