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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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I don't know if this qualifies for today's Hugh, but during last night's Nevada-Hawaii game, I couldn't control my laughter everytime the color guy said "WAC Offensive Player of the Week." -efelde84 (screen grab via FanIQ)

Not that I'm complaining, but I'm pretty sure that the sequence of events that led to Vince Ogobhaase signing with Duke included a lot of alcohol and Ted Roof doing the "roll the dice" dance all night. -MDT


The Florida Classic is getting ready to kickoff. You don't really even need football teams with a halftime band show like this. -BDoc

I got a half-pack of Rolaids in my pants for every women wearing Duke apparel at the Notre Dame game. That is to say, they're all fat. Or old. Or possibly men. - Illegal Immigrant

I love the media. It has to make every Michigan alum sick to have Herbstreit (OSU alum) pleading on national television that Lloyd Carr is a great football coach and that Michigan should keep him. -cjbrownb

someone better tell peyton he has some competition, kirk herbstreit just publicly annoucned his relationship with "his man" kenny chesney. -dixie normous13


Mario Manningham is dropping millions and millions of dollars. -goathair

Jim Tressel, "It's tough to come in here and win..." He's a better actor than I thought. -cjbrownb


Why do I feel like everyone at the ND-Duke game will be getting a "Participant" ribbon and the team mom will tell them that they're all winners. Also, pudding may be served. -J-Money

The announcer in the UNC- GT game just said that the kicker needs to have, " A short memory, like an elephant." Raycom Sports provides some high quality commentary. -Shenanigans

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