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Hugh Johnson Project - Update 1

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• You know what I hate? "Oooo-EEE! Spendin' limit? Who cares? Not us, cuz them ain't our currrr-edit cards." That's what I hate.

• The Vanderbilt player mentioned most often in this game against Michigan? Jay Cutler.


• Just watching the College Game Day crew live and direct from Georgia Tech and among many signs talking about Brady Quinn's sister in the background, one stood out. "Brady Quinn's sister loves the D." - PostmanR

• Mikey Henderson of UGA runs Western Kentucky' first punt back, only to drop the ball on the 2 yard line and then recover said ball out of the back of the endzone, resulting in a touchback. Western Kentucky's second punt? Mikey Henderson runs that one back too. The second time he held on. - Hyatt

• "The Post Jay Cutler Era" ... are you allowed to call anything related to Vanderbilt Football an era? - Critical Fanatic

• Sean Mcdonough just said Vandy is hoping their new QB can be "phat." - Tom Fornelli


• I hope you're seeing how well dressed the Grambling Coach is. He's putting Pat Riley to shame. - LoneStar

• Hampton Pirates kicker Andrew Paterini took an interesting way to go to Hampton U. He was looking for a school with a good architecture program and thought that Hampton U was in the Hamptons on Long Island. When he took his trip to the school, he fell in love with the architecture program and is now a senior kicker. By the way, he's the only white player I have seen so far. - beisbolct

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