Navy 17, Army 0, Half .Navy's Shun White has 122 yards and a TD. The only thing uglier than Army's play is their uniforms. If the camo really worked, WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO SEE IT. Oh, how I wish that were true. But stop and think about this: shouldn't these two teams be ganging up on The Russians or some shit? Why are we beating the hell out of our own guys when we could be really sticking it to some commie scum! Yeah, yeah, Russia still isn't officially communist again. Let's give 'em a few more weeks to roll out the tanks.

Virginia Tech 14, Boston College 0, Second Quarter. Tyrod Taylor already has credit for saving the Hokies' season, and now he's earning them an ACC title. His two rushing TDs are the only points on the board.

Pittsburgh 10, UConn 3, Third Quarter. Pitt's LeSean McCoy just ran for a 47 yard TD. UConn's Tyler Lorenzen has thrown for all of 4 yards. Don't forget to ice that arm down after the game, buddy!

East Carolina 17, Tulsa 17. Second Quarter.

Other scores? There are no other scores! These are the only games being played right now! But maybe we can hold you over with a little afternoon helping of Hugh.


First the Padres... now the Army football team? Forget the BCS, President Obama: your first hundred days must be devoted to relegating the camo uniform trend to weekend paintball tournaments. —Dexter Fishmore

Apparently, our $10 trillion defense budget buys us the worst uniforms in college football history —ScumDog0331


Has Tebow ever circumcised an elephant before? —JelloMan 4

As a non-commenter with a facebook account, reading the poor saps who've tried that and the comments that follow scare me and bring an awkward feeling. Almost as awkward as Lisa Kudrow in that bullshit cooking video game. —anskyman2004


There was a chick holding a sign at Gameday that said "Gators got Nutt'd on" .... she looks like she is well schooled in her knowledge of nuts. —Herbies_Wingman

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