Humor Is Different In Australia, Apparently.

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These two fellers are Central Coast Mariners, which is apparently an Australian Rules Football team. Shockingly, for Australians, they have somewhat, uh, a little trouble in the racial department. That guy on the right is in blackface. Really bad blackface, but blackface nevertheless. You think that's bad? You haven't seen the Hitler photo yet.


That guy in the photo actually isn't only in blackface; he's going as Morgan's Freeman God character in Bruce Almighty. (And Evan Almighty, we suppose.) If the blackface weren't bad enough, the guy actually dressed up as a character from Bruce Almighty. Australians: Decendants of murders and rapists! With funny referees in cool hats!

How To Celebrate A Loss: Wear A Hitler Outfit, Put On Blackface [FanIQ]

(UPDATE: Sorry, soccer. Long day.)