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I Am Fascinated By This Soccer Fan Who May Or May Not Be A Zombie

The photo above—first flagged by Cork Gaines on Twitter—was taken on May 21, 2003, before Celtic took on FC Porto in a UEFA Cup match in Seville, Spain. My first reaction to this photo went like this: "Wait, I think that purple-faced guy might be dead." Then I went looking for more photos of this dude possibly being dead, and I found this:


That's the same dude! According to Getty, this picture was also taken on May 21, 2003, in Seville, but this one was not taken by the same photographer who snapped the first photo of the maybe-dead soccer guy. Even stranger, this photo was also taken before the Celtic match started, which means my dude passed out (or died) in public, woke up (or underwent corpse reanimation), changed shirts, ditched his hat, and then passed out (or died) in public once again within a matter of hours.

If you are this guy, and you are not dead (for real this time), please email me. I am fascinated by you.

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