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"I Am Not Sure If You Are Actually An Asshole": Tales Of Parking In The City

Reader Jon shares this note, left on the windshield of his Ford Explorer Friday morning. It's from a neighbor who takes issue with Jon's park job.

It seems the neighbor thinks Jon has spent much of the year "parking like an asshole"—leaving too much room ahead of and behind him, taking up valuable Chicago parking space. (For the record, Jon disputes this and says he was "3-4 feet from the alley".)

How do we think the neighbor handled this? On one hand, it's undeniably passive-aggressive. ("I am sure your actions are unintentional." Also—criticizing the fact that Jon has an SUV at all.) But the big city's a rough place, and you have no idea if the person you're calling out for their crappy park job is a psycho who will physically come after you. This might be as polite as possible under the circumstances. The neighbor also left his name and phone number—he didn't just chide and run.


Have you ever dealt with a terrible parker? How did you deal with it?

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