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A tipster writes in to tell us that Billy Packer has remained quite mum on the subject of the MVC during the UConn/Kentucky. Jim Nantz has mentioned it, of course, giving a little dap to the MVC. Packer just wallowed in awkward silence afterwards.

He did find time a bit later to make excuses for the power conference teams, though, saying that they were worn down by conference tournaments. But, as the tipster says, they play those in the Missouri Valley, too.

Elsewhere, George Mason appears to be our best chance at an upset right now. They lead UNC by 3 right now. Bucknell trails Memphis by 16 in the 2nd half, Northwestern St. is down 22 at the half (after WVU's Darris Nichols hit a halfcourt shot as time expired), and Kentucky trails, but by just 7, in the 2nd half against UConn.