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"I Have Many Forrest Gump Qualities": Read The "Creepy Love Letters" Jerry Sandusky Wrote To One Of His Victims

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The sequestered jury in the Jerry Sandusky trial deliberated until about 9 p.m. yesterday before recessing until this morning. According to numerous reports, the jurors have asked to review the testimonies of Mike McQueary, the former Penn State assistant coach who claims to have seen Sandusky raping a boy, and Dr. Jonathan Dranov, a family friend with whom McQueary discussed what he saw after the incident.

Now that the case is in the jury's hands, prosecutors have released some of the evidence, including six letters Sandusky had written to alleged Victim 4, whom Sandusky is accused of abusing in the 1990s. The Patriot-News of Harrisburg (Pa.) has published the text of those letters, which were described by the prosecution as "creepy love letters."

This is one of them:

(Victim 4):

Driving home the other night, I had many thoughts. Some happy, some a little sad. As you know, I am very emotional and kind of let everything out. I'm not good at hiding my feelings. I have many "Forrest Gump" qualities and I thought a lot about that more as I was driving home. As you would expect, I cried at that movie.

I remembered Forrest and how he was so naive (oblivious to the world) and not very smart. He was so happy because he wasn't caught up in being anything other than a caring person (I wish that I had more of that in me).

There was his wife and some friends who didn't understand what he had and tried to find their happiness by partying and living the fast life. So many people look for happiness that way. It didn't come for his wife or his friends. They turned away from him and went searching. Unfortunately, they only found hopelessness, despair and became depressed.

Forrest stayed loyal, he didn't know any better. Somehow, people like him are blessed. He never gave up because he cared. When those special people came back to his simple life of love and concern they found hope and true happiness.

As you go through life you may have moments when you think that there is a lifestyle out there somewhere that is the answer. I hope that in the back of your mind will be a memory of simple times, hopefully laughter, joy and warm smiles.

Try not to ever forget all of those who care. Try to remember canoes, squirt guns, water balloons, fighting outside, miniature golf, Polish soccer, basketball, racquetball, football, swimming, studying, lifting, working, golfing, volleyball, kickball, soccer, laughing, hurting, arguing, crying, caring and so much more fun.


Forrest Jer

This is another:

(Victim 4):

Yes, I am a "Great Pretender." I pretend that I can sing. I pretend about many things. However, I can't pretend about my feelings and want you to always remember that I care.

Not always a pretender - "Jer"

To these outsider's eyes, the letters really don't seem all that creepy. Weirdly maudlin for a guy Sandusky's age, maybe, but not creepy—at least not relative to everything else that's coming out about the case. Of course, if Sandusky did what Victim 4 accuses him of doing, then "creepy" is a nice word for what these letters are.


You can read the complete text of all six letters here.

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