"I Have To Deal With My Other Girl, Man," Jovan Belcher Says In Police Dash-Cam Video At 3 A.M. The Day Of Murder-Suicide

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In the video, police walk up to Belcher's car, tap on his windows, and talk with him about his job ("What position do you play?"), whether he would be driving anywhere else, and what his plans were for the night. The sound starts at 4:56, whereupon Belcher assures the first officer that he didn't steal the car, and the officer assures Belcher that he hadn't suspected him of doing so.

Sleeping in your car isn't a crime, so even though the officers say to Belcher that they're "cutting [him] a break" on multiple occasions, it isn't clear exactly how. Ultimately, police thank Belcher for not driving drunk, he thanks them for their leniency, and they go their separate ways. The exchange fits into our timeline of the last 12 hours of Belcher's life—he would spend the next few hours sleeping on a couch in some part of Brittni Glass's apartment complex, though not necessarily in Glass's apartment.

The 41 Action News transcribed one exchange like this:

Officer: Call your girl and head back upstairs for awhile.
Belcher: Yeah.
Officer: I say we try to stay up there for the night, sound cool?
Belcher: Man, y'all don't understand. I have to deal with my other girl, man.
Officer: I understand how that's working, but you're passing out in the car... (inaudible)
Belcher: I wasn't driving.
Officer: I understand you weren't driving, but you are in the car and the car is running.

If you'd like to watch the less eventful—though more nerve-wracking—video taken by a police car responding to reports of Belcher with a gun in the parking lot outside Arrowhead Stadium the following morning, Kansas City PD has posted it here.