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I Hope Dennis Smith Jr. Keeps Trying Big Dunks And Ruins Someone's Life

Dennis Smith Jr. is just 6-foot-2, but the audacious kind of 6-foot-2, the kind that wants to put the ball directly into the hoop no matter what bodies stand between him and it. There’s not a whole lot else going on in this Mavs roster, so it’s exhilarating when the rookie launches himself off the floorboards and forces the issue. Sometimes Smith’s kamikaze dunk attempts send him flying so high in the air, and falling so hard, that you’re left wondering how long he can sustain this:

Last night an undeterred Smith went leaping right into the maw of Draymond Green, with exactly the results you might expect.

Green, who’d seen Smith’s previous work (“I have Instagram”), wasn’t about to let that happen.


It might be a while before Smith mounts Green’s head on his wall—and it’ll be so satisfying when he does—but there’s got to be easier quarry to knock off in the meantime. Meyers Leonard? Jonas Valanciunas? Enes Kanter? Your days are numbered. The wee dunkman is coming for you.

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