I don’t know if anybody reading this is into betting, but anytime a game goes into overtime for the rest of these playoffs, I’m tuning in immediately to watch Moore give his prediction. Then, I’m logging into my FanDuel account and dropping some cash on that exact player. I’m not a superstitious guy, but at this point, I’d be dumb not to blindly follow anything this man predicts.


Moore deserves way more attention than he’s currently getting right now. You remember when Tony Romo first became a color commentator for CBS Sports, and blew everyone’s minds out the back of their skulls with his ability to read defenses and diagnose what was going to happen on every play? It was awesome to watch, and very impressive, but it’s also exactly what you’d expect a former quarterback to be able to do. After all, prior to putting on the headset, Romo’s job was to... diagnose defenses and predict what they were going to do next. You could anticipate Romo’s excellence in that department.

Moore’s current streak makes absolutely no sense. Nobody should be this good at predicting this stuff. At this point, if your favorite team is heading into OT, and you hear Moore say that your opponent will score the game-winner, just turn off the TV. Go to bed. Get a good night’s sleep and get ready to cheer for your team in their next game. It’s over. Your team lost. They just don’t know it yet.