I-Reports: Matthew Berry's Friend's Famous Strange Was Probably Mira Sorvino

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Previously, we brought your attention to The Case of Matthew Berry's Friend Hooking Up With An Oscar-Winning Actress. The response has been a hodgepodge of famous women and the amount of research that went into this project is staggering. Let's recap.


The qualifications, as laid out in Berry's article, are as such:

- The actress had to win an Academy Award during the mid-1990s to early 2000s.
- Had to be named to People's list of the 50 Most Beautiful People the year after she won the award.
- Had to be kind of young, because Berry's friend was apparently 10 years older than her.
- Actress was at the height of fame.


and our original tipster surmised it was Mira Sorvino because she:

- Won "Best Supporting Actress in 1995
- Was named to People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1996
- She was 29 at the time
- She was at the height of fame

Let's look at some of the other evidence we were presented with in favor of Sorvino:


You can't ever link this to me in any way, but that Matthew Berry piece? Definitely Mira Sorvino. I know a few guys (all b-list actors) who basically passed her around. By all reports she is absolutely filthy in the sack. If you can find a way to say that she likes to be punched in the kidneys while having rough anal sex that would not be inaccurate either.



The Baltimoron:

I'm team Mira. I mean, she openly fucked Tarentino for years, and he's uglier than roadkill.


Ok, ok. That's enough. Who else is out there?


I'm team Binoche.

50 most beautiful (1997)
Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The English Patient (1996)

Made two films in Paris around that timeframe: Alice et Martin (1998) and Les Enfants du Siècle (1999).


Cory Cross - Male Model Extraordina:

Both of my candidates would require some infidelity to work (I think). That aside, here goes.

Jennifer Connelly: Best Supporting Actress (2001 - A Beautiful Mind); 50 Most Beautiful (2002); Age at the time - 31 (unless it was late December).

Requiem for a Dream, Pollock (2000)
A Beautiful Mind (2001)
Hulk (2003)

J-Conn is the only suggestion that would actually make me angry if true.

Who else, Cory Cross?

Charlize Theron: Best Actress (2003 - Monster); 50 Most Beautiful (2004): Age at the time - 28 or 29 (August birthday).

The Italian Job, Monster (2003)
North Country(2005)

Hmm, she was in Mighty Joe Young, so she must be willing to do a lot.


My money is on Hilary Swank (Lead Oscar 2000, Age 26, 50MBP 2001) over any of them. She played a boy and a boxer (indicating the right mix of self-esteem issues and toughness to be wild) plus she's a Lakers fan, which would make her even hotter to The TMR.


She's just normal looking enough to work. And after The Core, she probably had to slum it a bit.


Renee Zellweger? She had just split with Jack White around then...

Around when? What do you know that we don't?


Clearly, no one thought of Marisa Tomei...

She won the best actress oscar in 1993 for My Cousin Vinny, and was about 27 years old. That would place berry's friend as about 35-38 years old in 1993-1994. Which is believable.

And, she was probably doing press in France for her follow up film with Robert Downey, Jr, which was made in france and was about paris..."Only You"

She was a stone cold fox in the mid 90s, and actually still is hot til this day, did you see her in Before the Devil knows your Dead.

She was also in the Seinfeld episode about George, and she happens to love Short, stocky bald men...so I bet she is actually approachable in real life.


The last part is buttressed by filming sex scenes with Philip Seymour Hoffman.

There you have it. While we're no closer to an actual answer, we're all a lot more informed about the issue and once again reminded of the power of the I-Team.