Busy day for you guys, we recognize. But tipster Tom has written in with a pressing question:


A few months back you guys were able to solve the mystery of the Cubs fan with the pink hat.

I come asking for similar help. I have attached a picture of a gentleman who sits courtside for every Bulls game. He usually sits next to Scottie Pippen or other celebrities (Kanye West).

I've come to the conclusion that he is either Jerry Reinsdorf's grandson or Jud Buechler's illegitimate son.

Please help.


Wait, that isn't Brian Scalabrine? I should have known—he probably couldn't afford silk ties.

But we know Kanye would rather be sitting next to someone else—he once rapped, "I met this MILF at the All-Star, gettin' action, a cougar with more rings than Phil Jackson."

I-Team, get to sleuthing. Help Tom out at tips@deadspin.com.

UPDATE: Mystery solved.