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I-Team: Help Us Solve The Mystery Of Mitch Albom's Ears

Tipster Chad D. (or Chadd?) writes in, [sic]s and all:


C'mon, quit dicking around with trivia and get to the serious journalism of what the hell is wrong with Mitch Albom's ears. It is the elephant in the sports writer's room that needs addressed. Why has he hidden his ears for decades and why do they look like two pork chops slapped onto the side of his head. Something is amiss and the sport's world needs a leader to step up and do some digging. Ever person in any sports media has to wonder what is going on with his ears, so please step up and tackle this mother.


So, then, let us tackle this mother, as they say.


Here's another look at the ears in question. Maybe they're just disproportionately large.

And another. I don't even know what to make of this angle. Help us out.

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